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黑天 Heitian / Novel by Musuli
JJWXC | Weibo | Novel Updates | Carrd
Translated by Vie & Ying
Translation status: Ch 38/115

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Book I · Dust

Ch 1. Unread Message
Ch 2. Security Threat
Ch 3. Uninvited Guest
Ch 4. Greeting Present
Ch 5. Island Whale
Ch 6. Cachalot Pod
Ch 7. Bizarre Group
Ch 8. Space Prison
Ch 9. Small Prank
Ch 10. Out for a Stroll
Ch 11. Stuttering System
Ch 12. Old Fort Barney
Ch 13. Mysterious Digits
Ch 14. Midnight Alert
Ch 15. Prisoner Elimination
Ch 16. Dangerous Landing
Ch 17. Devising a Plan
Ch 18. Forest Base
Ch 19. East Tower Incident
Ch 20. Uninvited Guest
Ch 21. Honored to Meet You
Ch 22. Escaping Death
Ch 23. The Enemies Meet
Ch 24. Midnight Escape
Ch 25. The Boy by the Wall
Ch 26. Star Atlas
Ch 27. Two Pillars
Ch 28. Side Effects
Ch 29. Kite Line
Ch 30. Alarm Activation
Ch 31. The Wanderers
Ch 32. The Hideout
Ch 33. Galaxy Jumping
Ch 34. Old Acquaintances
Ch 35. Time Difference
Ch 36. A Reason
Ch 37. Entanglement
Ch 38. The Apartment

2022 Valentine’s Day Extra

Content Warnings
death, suicide, heart attack,
 needles, terrorism, ableist language, 
near-death experience, 
character death, childhood trauma,
 human experiments, human trafficking, physical violence, slight gore,
 mention of mental/chronic illness

It was the year 5711 NCE (New Common Era). Office No. 5 of the Security Building received three unsolicited messages from the space prison:

– My dear, I’m looking at you.
– Relax, you’re just on the big broadcast screen in the prison.
– I’m suddenly really looking forward to reuniting with you. Would you welcome me with a smile, or shoot me right in the head?

Chu Si, sitting behind his wide desk, read through the messages with a straight face, and replied, “If I remember correctly, your sentence is the same duration as this planet’s lifespan. So, unfortunately, that day will not arrive.”

Unless it’s the end of the world and the planet explodes.
But then two years later… the planet really did explode.
Chu Si: “…

Heitian has a very special place in my heart. Hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Ying for translating this with me 🥺💕

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