Little Mushroom

小蘑菇 / Novel by 一十四洲
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Translated by Vie, Kim, Xia, Ning
Edited by Ning, Fern
Translation status: Ch 5/84 + extras

Content Warnings
gore, horror, insects, parasites, death, suicide, violence, sexual harassment, apocalypse, mass murder, cancer
Book I · Judgement Day

Ch 1. You’re just a tiny little mushroom.
Ch 2. Are you returning to the Northern Base?
Ch 3. Darling, don’t be grossed out.
Ch 4. They’d rather kill by mistake than let anyone slip through.
Ch 5. Lu Feng, I hope you burn in hell.
Ch 6. Thank you.

Publisher Introduction

With the disappearance of the Earth’s magnetic poles in 2020, cosmic radiation started killing off large populations of humans. Within a hundred years, organisms underwent dramatic mutations and began devouring each other, while the remaining tens of thousands of humans were left struggling miserably within the manmade bases.

There was a sentient little mushroom living amongst the Abyss of xenotypes. Through the nourishment of An Ze’s flesh, it transformed into a human and was given the name An Zhe. An Zhe was determined to travel to the human base, in search of his spore that was taken by the humans.

Lu Feng, the Judge, was the colonel of a human base. He bore the responsibility of executing xenotypes upon discovery. But somehow, An Zhe’s abnormality escaped under Lu Feng’s eyes, and the story of a human and a xenotype unfolded from here…

JJWXC Introduction

An Zhe was a floret of mushroom. His life purpose revolved around bearing his own spore.
One day, he lost his spore.
Searching all around the world, he finally discovered his cherished spore on television.

An Zhe knocked desperately on the door of a certain colonel of the human military.
“Hello, sir. How is your research study going? Could you please return my son after the study?”

Colonel, with a glacial look: “Your son?”
“I bore him QAQ”

Colonel: “I raised him.”
“I’m telling the truth, sir, I really did bear him QAQ”
“See if you can bear me another one then.”
An Zhe: [sob]

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